30 September, 2020
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The Selflessness of Zhang MiYa

It seems recently there have just been so many worldwide disasters. What’s going on in our world? A tsunami in Asia, hurricanes in the southern United States, a cyclone in Burma (Myanmar), tornadoes in Iowa and then this terrible earthquake in Sichuan province, China. ...

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约翰牛顿在17世纪创作了一首非常著名的基督教歌曲。这首歌是关于恩典的,这个主题常常被人所遗忘。 ...

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John Newton's Amazing Grace

One of the most famous Christian songs was written by John Newton in the 1700’s. It is about GRACE, a subject often forgotten. ...

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Are You Free?

You may have heard the story about the Emporer Guang Xu of the Tsing Dynasty, who as a young man was imprisoned for political reasons in The Summer Palace near Beijing, a palace called YiHeYuan. Altough he could walk throughout the luxurious palace, some might say that he was fortunate to be imprisoned there. ...

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Life's Biggest Investment

The story is told of the diamond dealer who was leaving an exhibition. He saw a $5 bill on the ground and stopped to pick it up, putting his briefcase full of diamonds down for just a moment. But in that moment, his treasured diamonds were stolen. He gained $5, but he lost a fortune. In the end, he lost. ...

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