05 August, 2020
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Stephen Vance

I was born and raised in North York, but I now live in Scarborough where my wife and I share the Gospel in the Chinese community. After completing my degree in computer science at University of Waterloo, I worked at IBM developing their database product, DB2. However, I became convinced that God was calling me to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ full-time ...

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霍宏彦的见证 (Hong's Testimony)

我认识主的经历很平常。2004 年在一所天主教成人高中学习英文的我想要提高口语的热情很高。当时的英文老师布置了大量的写作作业并要求我们阅读一些文学作品。这样,我就常去爱静阁图书馆借阅书籍。...

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Steph Parent

I was born in a small town in Northern Ontario called Kapuskasing. My loving parents wanted what was best for me and my older brother. My family was nominally religious; we went to church during religious holidays but there was little thought of God in our everyday life. Both my parents had been actively religious when they were younger but were disillusioned with the emptiness of following rules and regulations. ...

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开普勒( Johannes Kepler, 1571-1630), 他的行星运行三定律, 开创了现代天文学的先河,并且他是个基督徒. 他说, “仁慈的创造主,神从无有造出大自然。” 他的行星运行定律是出于他相信一位有秩序的神,而并非一位叫人混乱的神。凭着努力,他发现了这三定律, “终于看见怎样在天文学上归荣耀给神,因为诸天述说神的荣耀“ ...

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Science and the Bible - The Testimony of Famour Scientists

It is a common thought that the Bible and Science contradict each other, but it is interesting to note some of the many scientific details in the Bible which were long ahead of their time. ...

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Linda Goff

“Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so,” are the words of one of the first songs I learned. From my earliest memories, I can recall hearing Bible choruses sung in Sunday School and at home. The Bible, a very special book that contains a message from God to us, was read every day in our home. ...

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The Story of Our Faith, James Hu and Elaine Wang

I was an atheist before I came to Canada. As with most Chinese people, in my opinion it was very stupid to believe someone that does not exist. I believed in myself. Although my mother was a Christian, I guessed that this was because she did not know evolution - but I knew. My parents, my sisters and brothers cared about me, and this was enough for me - I felt happy without God ...

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Our Journey to Faith, Allen Xu and Lucy Luan

Like many Chinese friends, I had no knowledge about God before I came to Canada. I was happy with my lifestyle. With the communist ideology in my deepest mind, I believed I could fight everything on my own. ...

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Amazing Grace Changed My Life, Annie Wang

People may be familiar with a Christian song, called Amazing Grace. When I first heard this song, I was not only impressed by its beautiful melody, but also by its lyric, since it expresses my sentiments, and also reminds me of my way of salvation. ...

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Freedom and Joy, Lori Ronald

My name is Lori Ronald and I live in Southern Alberta with my twelve-year-old daughter Ashley. My life changed dramatically when I learned she had a disease called Progeria. Another life changing event occurred 2 years ago when Jesus Christ saved me from sin and began a personal loving relationship with me. ...

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