Starting Your Journey

We all have stresses in life and often there are questions about God and our future – is there really a God? Does he care about me? What's coming down the pipeline for me and my family?

We’re so glad you’re here, and our website has lots of content for you, wherever you’re at with God, whether wanting to start or to develop your relationship with God.

If you’d like to watch or listen to some messages about the basics of the Christian perspective, check out our Christianity 101 series, which we highly recommend!

Also the amazing thing about the Christian message is that it is about Jesus Christ who changes people lives. You might understandably be skeptical, but read some true stories of the difference Jesus Christ has made in real life in our Life Change Stories.

Another great way to begin or grow in faith is to join a group, and if you’re interested in this, check out Join a Group to explore the groups we have for everyone, kids, teens and adults!

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